Romanian Fairy Tales

There was once a mighty emperor and empress. Both were young and handsome, and as they desired the blessing of children they did every thing that was necessary to secure it, that is they went to the witches and philosophers and asked them to read the stars to find out whether they would have children or not. »
There was once a fisherman, neither very well off nor very poor, but he was young, with a mustache that curled fiercely at the ends, you know, and a fine-looking fellow. »
There was once an old man and an old woman. The old woman had a hen and the old man had a rooster. »
There was once an emperor who had three daughters; the oldest was beautiful, the middle one more beautiful, but the youngest, Ileane, was so fair that even the sun stopped to gaze at her and admire her charms. »
There was once a man, my dear good friends. This man would now - I am telling no lie - this man would now be a hundred years old, if not twenty more to boot; »
There was once a young lad who had neither father nor mother. »
There was once a man who prayed daily to God to grant him riches. »
There was an emperor, who ruled over a whole world, and in this world lived an old shepherd and shepherdess, who had three daughters, Anna, Stana, and Laptitza. »
There was once a great and mighty emperor, whose kingdom was so large that no one knew where it began and where it ended. »
Once upon a time there was an old man and an old woman, who had not a single child in their old age, and it was very hard for them, because they had no help, not even to light the fire; »
There was once a good for nothing fellow, who was so poor and needy that he had not even enough to eat to be able to drink water after it. »
There was once a husband and wife. The husband had a son by a former marriage, and the wife had a daughter by her first husband. »
There was once a man who had a child. This child was the youngest of seven which the Lord had given him, so it was destined from its birth to be lucky. »
There was once a poor widow, so poor that even the flies would not stay in her house, and this widow had two children, a boy and a girl. »
There was once an emperor and empress who were childless. »
There was a good, pious emperor, who had three sons. »
At the edge of the village, where the peasants' oxen break through the hedges and the neighbors' hogs wallow in the ground under the fences, there once stood a house. »
Once upon a time there was an old widower, who had one daughter; he married again and took for his wife a widow, who also had a daughter. »

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