Bhagavad Gita

I am unable, too, to stand up; my mind whirls round, as it were; O Kesava! I see adverse omens; and I do not perceive any good (to accrue) after killing (my) kinsmen in the battle. »
There is no existence for that which is unreal; there is no non-existence for that which is real. And the (correct) conclusion about both is perceived by those who perceive the truth. Know that to be indestructible which pervades all this; the destruction of that inexhaustible (principle) none can bring about. »
Arjuna said: If, O Janârdana! devotion is deemed by you to be superior to action, then why, O Kesava! do you prompt me to (this) fearful action? »
The Deity said: This everlasting (system of) devotion I declared to the sun, the sun declared it to Manu, and Manu communicated it to Ikshvâku. Coming thus by steps, it became known to royal sages. »
Arjuna said: O Krishna! you praise renunciation of actions and also the pursuit (of them). Tell me determinately which one of these two is superior. »
The Deity said: He who, regardless of the fruit of actions, performs the actions which ought to be performed, is the devotee and renouncer; not he who discards the (sacred) fires, nor he who performs no acts. »
The Deity said: O son of Prithâ! now hear how you can without doubt know me fully, fixing your mind on me, and resting in me... »
Arjuna said: What is that Brahman, what the Adhyâtma, and what, O best of beings! is action? And what is called the Adhibhûta? And who is the Adhiyajña, and how in this body, O destroyer of Madhu? »
Now I will speak to you, who are not given to carping, of that most mysterious knowledge, accompanied by experience, by knowing which you will be released from evil. »
Yet again, O you of mighty arms! listen to my excellent words, which, out of a wish for your welfare, I speak to you who are delighted (with them). »
Arjuna said: In consequence of the excellent and mysterious words concerning the relation of the supreme and individual soul, which you have spoken for my welfare, this delusion of mine is gone away. »
Arjuna said: Of the worshippers, who thus, constantly devoted, meditate on you, and those who (meditate) on the unperceived and indestructible, which best know devotion? »
The Deity said: This body, O son of Kuntî! is called Kshetra, and the learned call him who knows it the Kshetrajña. »
The Deity said: Again I will declare (to you) the highest knowledge, the best of (all sorts of) knowledge, having learnt which, all sages have reached perfection beyond (the bonds of) this (body). »
The Deity said: They say the inexhaustible Asvattha has (its) roots above, (its) branches below; the Khandas are its leaves. He who knows it knows the Vedas. »
Freedom from fear, purity of heart, perseverance in (pursuit of) knowledge and abstraction of mind, gifts, self-restraint, and sacrifice, study of the Vedas, penance, straightforwardness, harmlessness, truth, freedom from anger, renunciation, tranquillity, ... »
Arjuna said: What is the state of those, O Krishna! who worship with faith, (but) abandoning scripture ordinances [-] goodness, passion, or darkness? »
Arjuna said: O you of mighty arms! O Hrishîkesa! O destroyer of Kesin! I wish to know the truth about renunciation and abandonment distinctly. The Deity said: By renunciation the sages understand the rejection of actions done with desires. The wise call the abandonment of... »

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