American Fairy Tales

Mamma had gone down-town to shop. »
One time a knook became tired of his beautiful life and longed for something new to do. »
On one of the upper branches of the Congo river lived an ancient and aristocratic family of hippopotamuses, which boasted a pedigree dating back beyond the days of Noah - beyond the existence of mankind - far into the dim ages when the world was new. »
The King of the Polar Bears lived among the icebergs in the far north country. »
Jim was the son of a cowboy, and lived on the broad plains of Arizona. »
A mandarin once lived in Kiang-ho who was so exceedingly cross and disagreeable that everyone hated him. »
In all Fairyland there is no more mischievous a person than Tanko-Mankie the Yellow Ryl. »
An accomplished wizard once lived on the top floor of a tenement house and passed his time in thoughtful study and studious thought. »
Not many years ago there lived on a stony, barren New England farm a man and his wife. »
No one intended to leave Martha alone that afternoon, but it happened that everyone was called away, for one reason or another. »
There lived in Boston a wise and ancient chemist by the name of Dr. Daws, who dabbled somewhat in magic. »
A king once died, as kings are apt to do, being as liable to shortness of breath as other mortals. »

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